Returning to the D/s world has been an interesting ride. I have had to remember that I cannot speak my mind or talk back to Sir. Sir has just come back to me, which makes me so happy, but I have to remember who I am speaking to.

Today, I became irritated with Sir and let Him know what I thought…Big mistake. He immediately came over to me. He wanted me to stop and to lose the irritated face that I had. I managed to lose the face, but the attitude was still present.

Sir took me to the dining room, leaned me over a dining room chair and gave me a spanking with a mother-fuckin brush.

When we tried to have a D/s relationship before, Sir didn’t punish me when I needed it or hard enough that I would remember my mistake. Well, He has no problem now showing me that I was wrong. I had 10 smacks to each cheek. They hurt really bad. At times I could not stay still, and Sir was there to bring me back to position. I don’t like upsetting Sir and I definitely don’t want His spankings for punishment.

I feel bad for my actions, and I will be trying harder to curve my tongue, so I don’t talk back to Sir and upset Him. I get very upset if Sir is displeased with me.

Thank You Sir for Your correction and love.