tumblr_mxobwbVKeY1swgn23o1_500His little hand holds mine. I look down to see this little guy waiting for me, but instead I see me. I”m the little one waiting to be guided. The journey is mine.

Each step is new and exciting, and even when I trip and fall, someone comes along to help me back up, dusts me off, and sends me on my way.

My Master, my guide, my lover, my friend, is always near by to watch and guide me. He makes my life complete. My journey begins and ends with Him.

Every step I take is in a new direction, one that is foreign and contrast to my day-to-day life. I stumble and fall, but being down on my knees is not abhorrent, but where I belong. right below my Master, for every step leads me to Him.

For I am the little one, the one who is being led to a new beginning and forever end.