My Master has been watching me learn to be a slave along with finding identity with what ttumblr_nu05c3BTUH1spygklo1_500ype of slave I feel I am. I don’t connect with a service slave or domestic slave, so I have been struggling with where do I fit in? My mind keeps wandering back to a sensual type of slave. Then I came across the lost slavery of an odalisque slave. A pampered sex slave in the Ottoman Empire. This I can identify with. Master, takes care of me with completing most of the daily chores outside of the house and some inside the house because of physical limitations that I have.

My Master loves it when I pamper myself, and do things such as read, write, craft, play the piano, or just watch TV. My love and desire to do such things is so strong, that I do spend a lot of time in such acts. And of course, I am sensual to Master in the bedroom. I enjoy making Him happy and satisfied as much as I can. I love to feel sexy and make Master proud to have me. This is where I believe I belong….an odalisque slave. Born to serve my Master and pleasure him with sensuality.