I have been through a lot in the past month or so. Master and I met new friends and we have been getting to know each other over the net and a couple times in person. They live the life of M/s in a more domestic discipline way with following the biblical past of HOH. Sir and his slave (friends) have agreed to help Master and I. Sir talks to both of us through the net and it has helped so much. Slave is now my sister slave and we are chatting abotumblr_nnc3w1dA161ut8kkmo1_540ut stuff that I don’t understand. She gives me her experience and thoughts. It really has been nice. We are now getting to talk to people who are 24/7 and are not pagan or sadists. Both being Christian is so nice. They have recently introduced the DD HOH idea. We wanted that in the first place but never imagined that it encompassed discipline with pain. So it makes it so we don’t have to leave all aspects of M/s behind.