Today was a terrible day for work. The image of forks protruding from my eyes was more stimulating than the workshop I attended. To break the curse of monotony I decided for day two of exercise that I would walk/run. I miss running, but with my nerve pain, it is not a grand idea. So, I did it for 15 minutes. What a rush.

Sir wanted to add crunches today, those I don’t like, but I did it and every muscle screamed to me. Sir was pleased, and Master was very supportive.

I am finding this new relationship with Sir is quite different from the previous  relationships I had with other Doms in training. All I have walked away with till now is pain and misery. I was losing hope that I could have the dynamic of two Doms in my life. I know some people say it cannot be done, but there are plenty of slaves that have two Masters and it works. I want that. Master is pleased so far and shows no signs of being threatened, and Sir is very centered on our tasks and not sexual exploitation as the other Doms were centered on. I am excited about our conversations and I feel at ease.

Well, eating is easier than I thought it would be. I hate to cook. I can cook, but hate it. So far, the meals take little time and are filling. Good qualities for me.

Anxious for day three.