The more I read, the more I find people like me and my Master. We are pretty new to the life of Master/slave. We love our adventure, but at times it is hard, and we feel like the blind leading the blind. It is not easy to drop a vanilla marriage of 21 years and dive into M/s. Its hard to drop all the mindset ideas that you have built up and nurtured for so many years.

However, the more I read, the more I find wonderful people that are inspiring and wonderfully compassionate to us. I spend a lot of time online researching and finding people that I can dratmp_27916-IMG_20150926_191334864_HDR-214399462w from and learn. We live in a rural area that would not be forgiving if our lifestyle was found out. Frankly, we both would lose our jobs, and family and friends would not be welcoming us with open arms.

I just want to put out there, that all the wonderful people who have braved the lines of text to share their lives, experiences, and loves, thank you so much.