I have been ill for quite awhile this month and Master has been very supportive. He has asked nothing from me and just been there for what ever I needed or even for all my emotional outbursts. On top of this, I have started a diet and have Sir as a coach. So both have been very supportive, but I am getting better and they are now looking at me with interest.

Master took the hand today and spanked me. Boy was I not ready for that. Nor was I ready to serve Master. I was happy to make him happy and satisfied again; to feel his hands in my hair, the pull and pain was exquisite.

Emotional roller coaster and being sick sent me flying. I was missing Master very much, but wow, did I not want a sore bottom today. Now, hours later, I am so glad to be back on track with Master.

Now Sir, he has been great. I have not wanted to eat or eat well. He didn’t let me get away with not eating. I have been so tired that I didn’t want to get up. Sir made me and I ate wonderful meals that Master cooked for me. It probably helped me get well faster than I might have if I hid in bed. Because of Sir, I probably didn’t gain any weight from eating healthy meals and Master enjoyed them too.