I’m in a bad place. Sir J is dealing with life right now and is very busy. I understand this and  support him entirely. Our relationship was built around helping me with my health and motivating me with routine and support to get my life back on track. This has through no one’s fault pretty much been set aside while he deals with his issues. I am trying to keep some of what we established in place but Im findi g more and more difficult. Many things we established have stopped, and I am scared the rest will fall away  as well. My mental health is sliding back to where it was. 

I finally told Sir J today in an email. Our communication has been effected as well. I feel bad telling him, but I feel as if I am curling inside of myself and falling away. I want to be supportive of him, but how when I cant deal with me.tmp_5473-img_5334861438245