I have posted here in a very long time. You see, I had a very bad accident and Master and I seem to have dropped everything. We stopped living and lived day to day with my pain. It is funny how everything you do everyday will just not be a thought in your head when something traumatic happens in your life. Master became husband and he took on a familiar role of taking care of me with my medical needs. I didnt call out to my Master. I called out to the man who has been my care giver many times over, my husband. It was’nt intentional just emotional. I was and am scared and in a lot of pain.

Now, almost five months later, I am still in pain and deal with emotional upsets and fears, but I am asking for my Master.

I found it important to realize what title I used when I needed the man in my life. How without a thought I went to my husband. I felt guilty that I did not ask for my Master and how we went back to our previous lifestyle. But then I realized that W/we may be Master and slave, but Master has many responsibilities and roles. W/we started as a married couple of 20 years and we cannot dismiss this as if it never existed.

Now as we head towards out 23 rd anniv. And our 3rd year off our collaring ceremony I don’t feel bad for us stiopping our dynamic. We just took a different side of our diamond of life to meet a need that we had a strong history in.