I have been absent for such a long time. I have a terrible car accident and it has taken just over a year to get myself back to feeling as a slave and not a victim.

I have recently started training to get my mindset back and to learn new practices and broaden my reaches in the life.

I cannot stress how hard it was to stop being in the life for such a long time. I was pretty mad about it.

Now, I am back to my slave state. I have moved with Master to a new house. Hopefully having a new playroom and more time together will help me be a better slave to Master. He has been so patient with me.  I could not serve him as I wanted and or how he preferred me to serve. This has really stretched us both on how strong we are as a team.

So, now I hope to be more active in my blogs.

My first task will to write about the use of the cane as maintenance.  It is new for me and so far I enjoy it.