We recently moved. We are taking over my family home, so at the moment we do not live alone. This makes having time to play or train hard to find.

Master has found ways to inflict pain while I stay very quiet. I am not a quiet person. So Master has fun with my weakness of silence. He works to inflict more and more pain while I turn inside out trying to stay silent.

We have found that there are more ways to play and interact with each other on different levels. We don’t have to play in a large way with whips and belts. We can still play and have the power play.

So note. We are tied together; with him being Master and i his slave. We are strong and can adapt to different situations because we know each other. You would think that a couple who starts M/s after 21 years of marriage would know each other. Not the case when that comes to the life of BDSM. We had to learn to trust each other in new ways. And after 2-3 years we are still learning and fighting our old vanilla lifestyle.

Never believe that your dynamic is boring or stale with no where to go. Spice it up with circumstances and see where you can go.