It has been a very difficult 14 months. Everyday seemed to be a roller coaster ride of loss and depression. I analyzed where I seem to keep my place as a slave and where i lost the will and desire to serve. I felt the desire to serve when it was bad and sometimes i could and others i could not. It all came down to how devastating the problem was for us. I feel my survival mode kicked in and everything took a back seat.

As time has past i am able to see where i should be serving Master, and how my ways of thinking have changed.

As of today, Master and i had a long talk in the car on the way to my doctor’s appointment. We decided to go back to how we were before all of the turmoil hit our lives. We can see the light beyond the trees and it looks more positive.

Don’t get me wrong. We didn’t lose all of our life style this past year or so, but just enough for our vanilla marriage to creep back in.

Life can create pot holes in a relationship, but i believe if your relationship is strong enough you will be able to hold on and work through it.

I hope to have more positive news to share as we start to come back to a whole M/s life.