girl-2766738__340 Master and i have been getting our relationship back to where it should be.  It has been such a relief to have the familiar back.

I have missed his dominance over me. It is funny how having what you have always found important taken away, your independence, to find that not having freedom means so much more. i find that Master opens up the more i am dependent on him.  i am a very dominant person outside of our home for work purposes, so it has been a hard road for Master to be more dominant around me until i asked if we could change our relationship to a M/s lifestyle.

Let me explain…i have always been the one to tell others what to do,  now he  tells me what to do.  I held my independence as a very important part of me. Now, I find giving my independence up to my Master and trusting him to make decisions for me is more fulfilling. and let’s not forget, it is erotic.

We are on vacation.  I find it a challenge and very exciting to follow Master’s lead and ask him before I do anything.  He will find a way to get to  be with me for play while we are among family.  He likes the challenge and of course, telling me I have to be so quiet that I can hardly make a sound is amusing to him.

We are finding our way back with enthusiasm and excitement.  We have missed our time together. It has been a challenging year. There has been very little time to spend together, and it put a huge strain in and out of the bedroom. i love knowing my place.  it is so relaxing to have Master be the one to make the decisions, and to see him where he belongs; head of the house and our marriage. It is a beautiful thing.